Vinyl impact windows help protect your home from storm damage, outside noise and theft.
Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Florida weather can seriously damage your windows. And traditional windows collect moisture, dirt and bugs. Our vinyl impact windows keep bad weather from damaging your home. And the windows we install are durable and energy efficient!

Traditional windows don’t meet today’s energy standards or measure up to what’s available today. Therefore, your old windows are costing you money and will deteriorate. Aluminum windows rust and heat up quickly. This causes your air conditioner to work harder during hot Florida weather. Our experts install windows manufactured up to code. And we only install windows that meet today’s energy efficient standards.

Vinyl impact windows will save you money on electricity costs. And typical savings are about 30-50%!


Worth the Investment

Florida heat can be brutal. It wears out your windows and increases your electricity costs. Our energy efficient impact windows are designed with Low E coating that bounces heat off the glass. Therefore, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard. Every window has multiple panes of glass. And each pane is separated by a spacer that holds them together to create an air space where a safe gas such as argon can be added for further insulation.

Because our windows tilt toward the outside of your home, they keep rain and moisture out. Our windows have a stainless steel balance system that won’t rust, corrode, pit or break. The balance system allows for easy operating, so your windows open and close effortlessly! They’re designed with a carbon fiber spacer known as a super spacer. This spacer doesn’t shrink or separate, and keeps your windows insulated over their lifetime.

Impact windows increase property value and protect your home. Our impact windows last a lifetime and keep bad elements out!

Increase Peace & Property Value

Outside noise disrupts the peace and quiet inside your home. Our windows block outside noise, giving you the comfort you deserve! Energy efficient impact windows also increase property value. So by keeping your old windows, you’re (literally) throwing money out the window! We’ll replace your outdated windows with modern impact windows. And after having them installed, you may also qualify for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance!

Protection & Longevity

energy efficient impact windowsOur energy efficient impact windows withstand the toughest damage. So if you’re worried about objects smashing through the glass, you can stop! Golf balls and other objects bounce harmlessly off of our windows! Our PVB (polyvinyl butyral) impact windows are 90mm thick or 6X thicker than a typical car windshield!

Do you worry about forgetting to lock your windows? Stop worrying! Our windows make your home more secure. So any intruder looking to break in through our windows will be sorely disappointed! Impact windows are practically shatterproof and can’t be pried open. The interlocking sashes lock automatically when closed. So you get the peace of mind you need when you’re away from home!

Our impact windows have duranol weather stripping from top to bottom. Duranol is a tough material that withstands damage from bad weather. It also prevents our windows from blowing out during severe storms and helps blocks air infiltration to keep bugs, dirt and debris out!

Window Installation Services

We offer complete commercial and residential window installation. So we’ll remove your old energy-sucking windows and replace them with high-tech energy efficient impact windows! Let us save you money on energy costs for the lifetime of your property. Get energy efficient impact windows installed by us!

Are you ready for energy efficient impact windows in your Florida home? Then call us today at 1-844-690-0500!