Spring Energy Saving Tips

Bring in the Spring with Energy Efficiency


Spring is just around the corner. And while it’s not the season most associated with hot temperatures (that would be summer), we are in Florida and spring can get hot. With hotter temperatures comes higher energy bills. So with that in mind, here are some spring energy saving tips:


Get air conditioner maintenance

Do the right thing. Air conditioners need maintenance just like any other machine such as a car, which experiences wear-and-tear. Simple tasks such as replacing air filters or having your system cleaned can make a world of difference when it comes to cooling efficiency. Changing your air filter is a “do it yourself” kind of task, but you should hire a professional to perform proper AC maintenance service at least twice a year. Schedule maintenance to ensure your system runs efficiently and properly all year long. Also, air conditioning maintenance is relatively inexpensive so don’t be cheap! Check your local listings to find great deals that offer specials on routine maintenance.


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Program your thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat installed. Programmable thermostats are a great way to customize temperature settings when you’re not at home. Even on warm spring days, try setting a programmable thermostat at a higher setting when you’re away. By not running your thermostat at low temperatures while you’re gone, you can save some money on your electric bill. Programmable thermostats have evolved, and modern thermostats often come with apps that you can control while you’re away from home.

Seal air ducts

Ask for an inspection of your air ducts when scheduling AC maintenance. Ductwork that is worn out or broken can cause loss of airflow through your ducts. Therefore, loss of airflow can raise your bill by consuming more energy than necessary. Find out from a professional if air is flowing properly through your ducts, and have them sealed and insulated if there are any issues.

Use your ceiling fans

Become a fan of your fan! Ceiling fans are designed to cool your body, not a room. They circulate air around the room but do not actually produce cool air, only move it around. However, if the air is cool enough inside or outside, use your fans to circulate that air rather than turning the AC on. If you still feel like you need your air conditioner on even if it’s not that hot, using ceiling fans allows you to raise your thermostat a few degrees higher while still keeping you comfortable. And of course, it could save you money! Remember that ceiling fans don’t cool a room, just your body, so turn them off when you leave to save energy.

Open up some windows

Crack them open if it’s breezy outside! As we mentioned before, spring can get hot like summer. But one of the defining characteristics of spring is the nice outdoor breezes, even here in Florida! So while we Floridians are used to running our air conditioners all day long, why not open some windows instead? Naturally cooling your home with Mother Nature’s breeze can save you some money by allowing you to not have to use your air conditioner. Turn off your AC system on cooler spring nights and open your windows while you sleep. Close the windows and blinds in the morning to trap inside any leftover cool air.

Replace your old windows

Change those rusty old aluminum windows out! You probably know that worn-out windows can increase your energy bills by letting air escape your home, right? So why not get new windows? Find out more about energy efficient windows (which we offer) such as vinyl impact windows. Vinyl impact windows are designed to save you money on energy consumption. And as an added bonus, they also help protect your home from theft and storm damage. However, if you’re not quite ready to buy new windows, consider getting your existing windows treated. You can get new weather stripping, for example, which can help lower your energy bills by trapping air inside. Check all of the windows around your home for cracks, openings and worn-out weather stripping. If your curtains or blinds are worn out and don’t block sunlight properly, consider buying some new ones too.

Welcome the sunlight

Light up your home with nature. We just mentioned blocking sunlight with new drapes or blinds, but welcoming sunlight into your home can also save you money. Avoiding direct sunlight is the key, but opening your drapes during the day can save you money on electricity by providing natural lighting. If you have a window that faces the sun directly, it might cause your home to get hot. However, if you can let indirect sunlight in on a pleasant spring day, you can keep the lights off, save electricity and enjoy a naturally lit environment.

Use energy efficient appliances

Turn off the heat too. If natural lighting is not your thing, have you considered getting energy efficient lighting? Incandescent lighting generates a lot of heat and therefore, consumes a lot of electricity. When purchasing lighting or any other appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. It can be found in everything from lighting equipment to dishwashers to electronic devices, so keep an eye out for it. Also remember that leaving appliances and electronics that generate heat such as lamps, computers and even television sets can raise your energy costs. Make sure not to place any heat-generating appliances or electronics near the thermostat, as this could cause your cooling system to have to run longer because it’s detecting heat.

Enjoy some outdoor grilling

Cook outside and enjoy the weather. Speaking of heat, the old expression “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” works well here. Because outdoor grilling is a great way to keep heat out of your home, take advantage of the springtime weather. Fire up your grill, have a barbecue or picnic and enjoy the breeze. By not using your oven or stove, you can keep your kitchen and house from getting too hot. And you can use the money you save on electric bills to buy more food!

If these spring energy saving tips were helpful and you want to know more about how to save energy all year long,  call us at 1-844-722-3374 today!

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