Southwest Florida: Four Months Later Still Shaking Off Irma

Florida Counties like Lee and Collier are worse for wear but hanging in there.

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Four months have blown by since Hurricane Irma. But there are people in Southwest Florida who still need assistance and don’t know where to turn. Recovery efforts are still ongoing, particularly in Lee County and Collier County.


Not a Dead Horse Yet

It might seem like we’re getting a little redundant with our blog posts about Hurricane Irma. But while it may appear like we’re beating a dead horse, we’re doing it to let people know we’re still here to help. And we feel it’s important to increase our visibility to those still in need of help in the hurricane’s aftermath.

SMART Efficient Solutions built its business and identity around the Florida PACE program. Even our website is called! But since Hurricane Irma hit and our help was needed, our focus shifted to assisting Florida homeowners with their hurricane damage claim insurance claims. That’s not to say we’re not involved with the Florida PACE program anymore. After all, we’re still directing Florida homeowners inquiries about the Property Assessed Clean Energy program to our trusted partners. They have taken the reins for us on PACE as we continue handling the high demand for hurricane damage claim insurance assistance. And we thank them for helping us on behalf of SMART Efficient Solutions to manage Florida PACE program inquiries.

Not Settled Yet

Getting back to Southwest Florida, it’s surprising to us how four months after the fact, people in affected Florida counties are still struggling. We’re getting Florida homeowners back to normal step by step. And yet we’re still inundated with requests for new roof financing assistance post-Irma. Along with Duval County and Polk County, the Florida counties of Lee and Collier are still seeking us out. Damage insurance claims have either not been settled, or have not produced the results some Florida homeowners were expecting.

People’s insurance claims are still being denied. And that’s why we provide insurance advocacy for Southwest Florida homeowners still struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Even today, funding for flood reduction projects are being discussed in places like Bonita Springs. That’s because prevention of the level of disaster these areas were not prepared for is the name of the game. And because another Hurricane Irma could realistically happen again.

The damage to Florida’s economy after Hurricane Irma is still being felt today. Everything from power restoration to debris removal, housing, reconstruction and food aid have factored into the economical devastation. And let’s not forget health hazards. More cases of deadly infections called vibrio vulnificus infections were documented in Lee and Collier counties in 2017 than anywhere else in Florida. And Hurricane Irma may have had something to do with it due to standing water.

Not Quitting Yet

So are we getting a little redundant with blog posts about Hurricane Irma’s aftermath? Perhaps. But as long as there are Florida homeowners still needing assistance, we will continue providing it. We’re currently focusing our efforts on the Florida counties hit the hardest by Hurricane Irma. Those counties are (in no particular order) Collier, Lee, Duval, Polk and Highlands (Sebring/Avon Park).

If you’re a Florida homeowner still in need of hurricane damage insurance claim assistance, a new roof, impact windows or other recovery assistance, call us at 1-844-949-7223 today.



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