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Our mission is to help create better Florida homes.
SMART Customers, Smart Choices!

SMART Efficient Solutions works with licensed and authorized agents of the Florida PACE program through various partner businesses. We’re also licensed and qualified to provide damage claim assistance to homeowners who have suffered property damage from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Florida PACE programSMART Efficient Solutions is at the forefront of the Florida PACE program’s growth. And we help qualified property owners get PACE financing at no upfront costs! Our contractors include air conditioning specialists, roofing pros, insulation experts and more!

Because only the best contractors are qualified to work on PACE, all projects are guaranteed! And they all meet the standards set by the Florida PACE program. So we hire only the best professionals to ensure all work is of the highest standards.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we also put our resources and manpower to work helping Florida homeowners recover from the hurricane’s path of destruction.

SMART does all the legwork for you. We’re at your service, Florida!

We hire only qualified, licensed contractors to make better living possible for our clients. And because we have a large network of contractors, we’ve pooled together only the best in the state. The rigorous standards for this program ensure the quality of workmanship we provide is always guaranteed!

Are you a property owner in the state of Florida? Call us at 1-844-949-7223 or email us to learn more about how we can help you live in a better home.