Moisture Testing: What and Why

Moisture testing helps prevent problems common to Florida homeowners such as mold infestation and water damage.


moisture testing intrusion inspection


What For

Moisture inspections, also known as moisture intrusion investigations, are an essential part of keeping Florida homes free of water damage and mold. They also help detect other problems that could potentially damage your home and your health. Moisture inspections or intrusion investigations are exactly what they sound like. They’re performed to identify water intrusions from unidentified sources. And detecting them ahead of time can prevent serious structural damage to a building. Moisture inspections also help identify problems that could lead to mold growth and even pest infestations.


Florida Knows

Moisture intrusion can also become a serious electrical hazard. And dealing with a moisture intrusion problem could seriously disrupt your life, especially here in Florida. The Sunshine State is a place of year-round high humidity. And Florida is no stranger to rainfall, which means homeowners are very likely to experience moisture intrusion problems. Whether it’s due to poor construction; damaged windows or roofs; improperly installed HVAC systems; or other building infrastructure problems, water entering a building can become a nightmare for any homeowner. And defective insulation and drywall can also lead to moisture intrusion.

It can damage roofs, walls and floors, and can seriously compromise your indoor air quality. This is why moisture testing is so important, especially after something like Hurricane Irma. After the Category 5 hurricane made landfall in Florida and destroyed the state, many Florida homes experienced flooding, rain and wind damage that led to moisture problems. Any gaps or cracks to a building’s roof, windows or walls on the exterior of a building could allow water to penetrate its interior. So it’s an important and necessary step toward not only detecting existing water intrusion problems, but also preventing them.



We Do That Too

Ever since Hurricane Irma and the impact it had on Florida homeowners, we added moisture testing as part of our services. We do moisture testing for both commercial and residential properties. Our technicians will help you prevent water damage and ensure your building’s structural integrity. And don’t forget ensuring your personal health. We’ll send inspectors to your home to moisture test any and all areas of your property that could be susceptible or have already been exposed to moisture intrusion and water damage. Our technicians will identify water intrusions and moisture due to excess humidity, cracks in the foundation, pipe leaks, rain, wind damage and more. And if any problem areas are detected, we’ll work with you to plan a repair solution that fits your budget.


Avoiding Costly Repairs

Moisture testing exists to prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs. It’s an important measure for identifying problems before they turn into preventable costly fixes. And it’s a way to stop your building from becoming a breeding ground for mold, mildew and even bugs. When a moisture test is performed, we will provide you with detailed reports and photos of the problem areas and where repairs need to be made.


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