Get a new AC system through Florida air conditioning financing from PACE

The Florida PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program can provide new energy efficient air conditioning financing for qualified property owners. 


air conditioning PACE program FloridaWhen it gets hot in Florida (and it always does), we run our air conditioners to the max. And that means we spend more money on electricity bills. However, today’s air conditioning systems are manufactured up to higher energy standards. So air conditioners built more than 5 years ago may not meet the latest energy efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Florida PACE program helps qualified property owners get energy efficient air conditioning systems at no upfront costs. So if your AC unit is more than 5 years old, contact us! We’ll help you get PACE financing for a new energy efficient air conditioning system!

Florida Air Conditioning Service

By qualifying through the Florida PACE program, you can get an energy efficient AC system that pays for itself! And we can help you make this happen! Our AC professionals will evaluate your home to get you the best air conditioning system available for your cooling needs. We’ll ensure you get maximum energy efficiency out of your new air conditioning system. So put our HVAC experts to work for you!


Efficiency at its Peak

Part of the Florida PACE program financing assistance we provide is consultation about energy efficiency. And because you want to save money, we work with you to keep your cooling and heating costs down all year long!

Do you qualify for PACE financing for a new energy efficient air conditioning system? Call us at 1-844-690-0500 and find out! We guarantee the work meets the highest standards. And our licensed, bonded and insured contractor will follow up with you to get the best performance out of your new system. 

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