Common Energy Suckers You May Have Overlooked

“I Vant to Suck Your Power!”

You pretty much know what the big energy suckers are in your home. Major appliances and electronics like dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters and washer/dryers are the obvious contributors to the bulk of your electricity costs. But what about the not-so-obvious energy suckers?

Here are a handful of often overlooked energy suckers you may not have considered:
Mobile Device Chargers

Phone, tablet and laptop chargers may not look like they consume much energy. But if you unplug your mobile device after it has been charged and not the charger itself, it’s still consuming energy. This goes for your electric toothbrush’s charger as well and pretty much any other charger you can think of. Just because they’re not charging your device at the moment doesn’t mean they’re not consuming electricity, so it’s best to unplug them when not in use.

Cable Boxes and Video Game Consoles

And just because you’re not in front of the TV anymore, it doesn’t mean those devices connected to it aren’t still sucking away energy. So while the TV may be off; you’re not “Netflixing and chilling”; or you’re not playing your PlayStation or Xbox anymore, those boxes are still chugging while they’re plugging.

Microwave and Coffee Pot

Don’t have a watch? Fair enough. But come on, everybody has a smartphone or a cell phone these days. And those devices do everything, including telling time! So why do you need the digital display clock on your microwave to tell you what time it is? Seriously, unplug that thing! And if you have an alarm clock … come on, who still has an alarm clock? But you get the picture. Or what about the standby heaters in your coffee machine? Unless you’re drinking coffee all day (and you really shouldn’t), unplug that thing too! Yeah, it’s nice to have your coffee maker ready to go when you need that cup of Joe. But if you unplug it and save money on electricity, you can use that extra money to buy more coffee!

Hair Dryers-Curlers-Straighteners-Etc.

Beauty is important, yes. And we know you want your hair to look glamorous for your big night out. But once your hair is looking fabulous and just the way you want it, you can unplug your energy sucking friend and save some money.

Power Tools

You know the drill: you should unplug power tools when not in use. More for your safety than anything else, but also to save energy! That goes for any power tool in your garage, shed or shop. When you’re not fixing or building anything, why leave your tools of the trade plugged in?

Strip It Down

So it’s pretty simple: unplug everything to save energy! It’s not rocket science. Did we really need to make an entire blog post about it? Probably not. But the common household items we mentioned are very often overlooked. And every little bit makes a difference when it comes to saving money on energy. After all, a dollar here and a dollar there on a monthly basis does add up!

Look, we get it. Unplugging electronics and appliances all the time can be a chore, especially if the power outlets are behind tables, dressers or other obstacles. And come on, who really wants to go through all that trouble, right? So here’s an idea: use power strips wherever you can. A simple flick of the switch on a shared power strip makes it easy to turn off multiple energy suckers at once.

Power strips have evolved from your standard cord with multiple outlets to more sophisticated yet simple devices. As we’ve mentioned in the past, everything is smart now, and that includes power strips. Smart power strips are able to detect when you are no longer using a certain device plugged into it and automatically shut it off to save energy. And hell, like everything else these days, even power strips come with apps that you can control when you’re not home! These days there’s an app for everything. And even apps come with apps! So learning how to make your home a smart home with modern technology is a great way to start saving money on energy.

In Closing

Finally, if you don’t want to unplug anything, it’s OK. You won’t save a lot of money that way, but at least buy electronics and appliances with the Energy Star® label. We already wrote a whole blog post about it, so we don’t need to elaborate here. But if you still don’t know what the Energy Star label means, check it out here.

And if you’re a Florida homeowner looking to save money with energy efficiency financing at no upfront costs, give us a call at 1-844-722-3374 today!

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