Collier County still recovering from Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma is not old news for Collier County.


collier county florida hurricane irma
Collier County still has a sewage problem 4 months after Hurricane Irma destroyed the Southwest Florida region.


Hurricane Irma is old news, right? Wrong! The Category 5 hurricane that ravaged Florida in September 2017 is still in the news in 2018. Collier County in particular has not fully recovered from the disaster that Hurricane Irma left in her wake.


NBC news reported on January 18, 2018 that Collier County is still cleaning up after Irma, particularly its waterways. The report states that “street debris cleanup is just about complete, but now they’re tackling the project of clearing out canals and ditches.” We believe the reports based on the volume of calls for service we are still receiving! It’s been a hard road to recovery for Southwest Florida after the hurricane. And we’re still helping affected homeowners with damage claim insurance assistance and recovery. So call us at 1-855-406-9900 if you’re a Collier County homeowner who needs assistance with your hurricane damage claims.


Sewage and Debris Cleanup

Work has not stopped for Southwest Florida on the way to recovery for them, or us. The county still works tirelessly to clean up the debris from its blocked waterways before the rainy season starts again. From failed utilities to flooding, Collier was one of the hardest hit locations by Hurricane Irma in Florida. And sewage backup in particular has been a nightmare for Collier County since the hurricane.


Here at SMART Efficient Solutions, we’re still helping Florida homeowners with their hurricane damage insurance claims. And as of this writing, Collier is still a stronghold for homeowners trying to get their insurance claims settled post-Irma.



If you are an insured homeowner in Collier County and still need assistance with processing your hurricane insurance claims or deductibles, we can help! Call us today at 1-855-406-9900 for hurricane insurance damage claim assistance.

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