Hurricane Irma damage claim insurance assistance is available for Florida homeowners!
SMART Efficient Solutions expanded its services beyond the Florida PACE program to help victims of Hurricane Irma.

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Florida Hurricane Damage Claim Assistance

If you’re a Florida homeowner affected by Hurricane Irma or any other storm or flood, we can help! And we now provide loss mitigation and damage claim insurance assistance to Florida homeowners. Roofing assistance and other damage claim insurance help is available at no upfront costs to you. We’ll bill your insurance company for the costs of repairing or replacing your hurricane damaged roof. And we also assist victims with hurricane deductibles. Call us at 1-844-949-7223 and ask how we can help you recover from Hurricane Irma. Or fill out our contact form to get a free consultation.

Clean Energy Living. The SMART Way!

NOTE: Because of the sheer volume of damage claim assistance still needed in Florida after Hurricane Irma, we are currently not offering PACE program financing assistance directly through SMART Efficient Solutions. However, if you are interested in qualifying for the Florida PACE program, contact us and we will connect you with our partners who are actively working with Florida homeowners for qualifying PACE projects. 

The Florida PACE program

Are you ready to live in a cleaner, more energy efficient home? Then it’s time to make a choice! Local governments have approved and funded an easy way to get renewable energy financing. The Florida PACE program (Property Assessed Clean Energy) helps qualified property owners make renewable energy improvements. Because we support clean energy living, we get the financing you need for a better home and future for you and your family.



What the Florida PACE program can do for you

Why PACE? Because it’s time to replace your old, outdated equipment and get with the times! And because clean energy will help you save money in the long run. So you can take pride knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment! The Florida PACE program makes clean energy easy and affordable! Everything from new air conditioners to new roofs and windows and more may qualify, so make the call today!

Florida homeowner? Are you ready to live in an energy efficient home? Get the financing you need for energy efficiency at no upfront costs to you. Call us at 1-855-406-9900 today!


florida pace program financing


Benefits of Florida PACE program financing
  • Save a lot of money through energy efficiency
  • Lower the cost of monthly energy bills
  • Improve your property’s resell value
  • Avoid costly repairs on aging equipment
  • Decrease property insurance rates
  • Enjoy clean energy tax benefits
  • And more!